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Azienda Agricola Novaia

In one of the most breathtakingly lush areas of the Alta Valpolicella Classica (the classic and historical Valpolicella production zone), on top of a gentle, sun-drenched hill, on the left of the Marano Valley, a large manor overlooks the valley and the plain separating the latter from the ancient Roman city of Verona.

At Novaia we adopt centuries-old traditions passed down through generations. Today, Cesare and GiamPaolo Vaona, with their children Cristina and Marcello, perpetuate the long-established family winemaking craft.
The geological, morphological, pedological, water and microclimate conditions of the Marano Valley - in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica area - with its mild, temperate climate, as well as high temperature range between day and night,make this area an interesting environmental niche for fine, rich, full-bodied, age-worthy, scented and flavoursome wines. The area is blessed with the ideal conditions for producing Valpolicella Classico, Ripasso, Amarone and Recioto.
The vineyards lie between 250 and 400 metres above sea level, on south/southeast facing slopes of marl and limestone soils alternated with basaltic and tuffaceous soil. Due to its low fertility and drought resistance, this land is eminently suitable for cultivating important red grape varieties: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and the ancient native cultivars Oseleta, Turchetta and Molinara grown on the Novaia Estate. The conversion from traditional to organic farming, started with the 2011 harvest, is achieved with the grape certification at the 2014 harvest.

The harvest is all done by hand by expert grape-pickers, over a period of time, in order to allow the optimal ripening of the grapes on the vine, so as to ensure warm, elegant, full-bodied, firmly structured, age-worthy wines.
The best, medium-sized, loose-packed, prime quality, ripe bunches, destined for the production of Recioto and Amarone, are carefully chosen directly in the vineyard and are then carefully laid out in cases that are placed in a drying room
in the hills. The drying out of the grapes lends aromatic scents that produce full-bodied, fine-contoured wines with good ageing potential. The wine is aged in wood barrels in a lovely cellar hewn out of rock, which is managed using a combination of state-of-the-art technology and ancient traditional methods

Azienda Agricola Novaia
Via Novaia, 1
Marano di Valpolicella
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Initiative sponsored by the Rural Development Programme 2007-2016 for the Veneto region, Axis 4 - Leader.
Responsible Organism of information: Valpolicella Wine Route
Managin authority: Veneto Region Management Plans and Programmes of the Primary Sector.